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Telling Twain contains Steve Daut's adaptations of 25 of Mark Twain's best stories, with commentary, historical notes, and tips, not only for telling Mark Twain stories, but for creating effective adaptations of from a time past. The book is a valuable resource for storytellers, libraries, and schools who want to help make Twain's stories relevant to children and adults today.

Jim May, Emmy-Award-winning, nationally honored storyteller, has this to say about Telling Twain: "What comes through in these adaptations of Mark Twain stories is Steve Daut's dedicated soul. His gentle hand with the Twain originals shows the wisdom and humor of both men, and their facility with words."

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What is reality, and why does it matter? Author and scientist Steve Daut takes a step-wise approach to explain the startling parallels between modern scientific discovery and the principles outlined by The Buddha over twenty-six centuries ago. A thought-provoking must-read for anyone who has wondered about the deeper mysteries of life.

The book was underwritten by Triple Crane Monastery, and the leader of Triple Crane has this to say: "It is one of Triple Crane Monastery’s missions the establish American Buddhism, as style of Buddhism assimilating with American spirit and culture values. Steve Daut collaborates closely with us closely to pursue this goal together. The book, Buddha Science, helps serve this goal and is a good attempt to provide new perspectives to understand Buddha's teachings on Life and Truth in ways relevant to us in the current day and age."

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